Following the sharp fall in the euro against the dollar and other major currencies that has squeezed profit margins, OnePlus One has raised the prices of its device across Europe.

OnePlus One says in a recent blog post that the company is committed to maintaining wafer-thin margins in order to give maximum value for money to its loyal fans.

However, with the margins under pressure, the company has been forced to revise the prices of its 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone Black models to €299 and €349 respectively – a €30 and €50 increase. The new prices come into effect on 25 March.

There will be no change in the prices of OnePlus accessories.

Prospective OnePlus One buyers have at least six more days to enjoy the lower prices.

"You can still buy the One in next Tuesday's open sales at the current price of €269/€299," adds OnePlus in its official blog post.

"For the next 7 days, we will take the hit and absorb all of the loss from selling below cost. We think it's only fair to give you a week's notice and hope you can understand why we have to do this."