Kids do not only say the darndest things, they sometimes pen them down on paper as well. This was the case of a school boy, who's journal entry for the day criticised his teacher and her take on how America was discovered.

In a photo shared on Twitter by online magazine, The Root, a boy by the name of King Johnson writes about how 22 January was "not a good learning day".

"Blah, blah, blah... I only wanted to hear you not talking," the writer starts off about his teacher. "You said something wrong and I can't listen when I hear lies."

It becomes clear soon that the lies he is referring to is his teacher's talk about Christopher Columbus, the 15<sup>th Century Italian explorer credited with discovering America.

The most spectacular line in his journal entry attempts to dismiss Columbus' accomplishments in favour of one of the US' most famous rappers.

"My mom said that the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace," he wrote, referring to none other than East Coast rapper Notorious BIG.

The boy explains that his view is based on the fact that Columbus did not find America... "the Indians did".

"I like to have Columbus Day off but I want you to not teach me lies. That is all," he continues before ending with a major roast. "My question for the day is, how can white people teach black history?"

His teacher was clearly not as impressed as we are by the young man's opinions and wrote a note in his book expressing disappointment. King, however, seemed unapologetic and responded with a simple "ok".

The post first garnered attention when a woman by the name of Alanya Kolberg shared it on Facebook. After being inundated with requests for more information she clarified that she did not know the boy. "The image I posted about little King Johnson not wanting to hear his teacher's stories about Christopher Columbus discovering America has been shared over 100k times!" she wrote. "KING IS NOT MY CHILD. I saw the image and felt so tickled that I shared it."

Others on social media were equally tickled and made over a hundred comments about it.