Black cats
Ten of the 85 animals removed from the home were cats iStock

A woman in Tweed, Ontario has been found guilty of animal cruelty charges after the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) removed 85 dogs and cats from her home. The SPCA said that it took 52 dogs, 23 puppies and 10 cats on the recommendation of a vet.

The SPCA's investigation was started after they received "a report of a large number of animals". They found the dogs and cats living in unsanitary conditions, with "faeces and urine covering the floors".

Cathy Graham was found guilty of four counts of animal cruelty; one for permitting distress, one for failing to comply with the Ontario SPCA Act, and two for failing to comply with prescribed standards of care.

Although 82 of the animals were found new homes, three of them had to be put down "due to the condition in which they were found". Graham now has a five-year probation on owning or caring for animals.

"The welfare of animals is our top priority," Ontario SPCA senior inspector Steve Toy, said.

"We incorporate humane education to try to address situations like this wherever possible, but we do enforce the law when it's necessary to ensure the well-being of animals," he added.