At the time of writing, all the websites mentioned by the hackers were offline YURI CORTEZ/AFP/GettyImages

The hacktivist collective Anonymous has claimed responsibility for taking down over a dozen neo-Nazi sites in retaliation for recent ongoing events in the US. These attacks were a part of the ongoing #OpDomesticTerrorism campaign.

A hacker associated with the hacker group operating the Twitter handle @AnonyInfo told IBTimes UK that the hacktivist collective had shut down over 12 neo-Nazi sites including,,, and others. At the time of writing, all of the websites mentioned by the hacker were offline. The hacker said that more "continuous attacks" are on the horizon.

"This is simply related to ongoing events. Our message is simple, if we catch your organisation taking part in acts of domestic terrorism in the name of white supremacy, we're coming for you," the Anonymous hacker said.

The hacker explained that the fresh attacks were in retaliation for the recent Unite the Right rally "organised by far-right extremists in Charlottesville" and also the recent "White Lives Matter" rally. The hacker further claimed that the group was "still going after those who organised these rallies".

Here's a list of all the sites that Anonymous hackers claim to have shut down:

In August, Anonymous hackers took down the Charlottesville city website after a hit-and-run incident killed a protestor during an anti-white supremacist rally.

The hacker said various neo-Nazis have since begun "rebranding their movement to appeal to the public and try to make genocide/ethnic cleansing a debatable topic". The resurgence of Anonymous' attacks against neo-Nazis appears to be in retaliation to this move.

"We've had plenty of anons contribute to the operation worldwide knowing this is a US-based operation; the fight against fascism is global, so we may consider expanding our operation to work with Anonymous groups in their own countries," the hacker added.