Mighty Morphin Power Rangers original cast
The way they were: David Yost, Thuy Trang, Jason David Frank, Austin St John, Amy Jo Johnson and Walter Jones in the 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Haim-Saban

When Lionsgate's Power Rangers reboot was released on 23 March 2017, cinemas were sure to have been filled with lovers of the original 1990s television series, who were keen to see the multi-coloured characters they watched in their youth return to fight the alien threat yet again. Now, actors from the beloved show, Walter Jones and David Yost, have spoken out on what they thought of the cinematic outing and brace yourselves... they're weren't the biggest of fans.

Walter Jones - who played Black Ranger Zack - at Chicago's C2E2 convention (21-23 April) said he was "was a little disappointed that they changed the characters around" because he wanted to see his character use his signature 'Hip Hop Kido' fighting move.

"[It] was a really important element of who I was on Power Rangers," he said. "I think if they would have added that then there could have been some parkour and there could have been so many other elements to that character that it would have been awesome.

"I [also] want to see some of the villains have voices or more voices. Like in the Power Rangers [the series] the villains were from outer space or aliens but they had voices and personalities. I hope that the villains grow to have more definite personalities"

David Yost was a little harsher, drawing further comparisons to the 1990s series and how the film failed to manage to live up to its thrilling moments. "The only thing I care about progression wise when they do a sequel and they morph, they better bring it and say 'It's morphin' time,' he said. "When we said, 'It's morphin' time!,' it was like, 'S**t's about to go down;' when they said it in the movie it was so lackadaisical I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'"

The pair's thoughts on the movie wasn't all doom-and-gloom. Regarding the film's positive aspects, Jones said: "I thought the characters were great, I thought the energy and the cast were awesome. RJ Cyler killed it," while Yost echoed this attitude: "I was like totally over the moon about RJ and I think he really hit it out of the park. I really loved what he did with the character."

Starring Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, Becky G and Dacre Montgomery as the titular heroes as well as Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks, Power Rangers is still showing in select cinemas across the UK. It has currently made $130.6m (£101.8m) at the worldwide box-office.