The Originals season 3
Klaus and Cami in The CW show The Originals TheCW

The CW has officially released the synopsis for The Originals season 3 fall finale episode, titled, Savior. In episode 9, Freya will search for a way to reverse the curse on her family, and Hayley and Jackson's attempt to enjoy a quiet Christmas would end in an unexpected surprise.

Here is the full synopsis of the fall finale episode that will air on 10 December on The CW:

The present plot of The Originals season 3 revolves around Niklaus Mikaelson, Camille and Aurora's love and hate relationship. Aurora has kidnapped Camille, and Klaus will go to any lengths to get Cami back in the next episode titled, The Other Girl In New Orleans.

Now, the latest promo (of episode 8) shows Aurora opening the trunk of her car, and telling Cami -- who is lying unconscious -- "Poor dear, still sleeping!"

This is followed by Klaus telling Lucian, "She took Camille as leverage, because I have her beloved brother," and adds, "Well, this will be the last mistake she ever made." Lucian's suggestion to Klaus about letting Cami die, ends with Klaus twisting the former's neck.

The promo ends with Aurora looking at Cami and saying, "Nick better give me what I want."

Meanwhile, Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus teased about Aurora's presence affecting Klaus's relationship with Cami in an interview with KSite TV. Morgan revealed, "You know, it'll be interesting to see that play out. It definitely does affect it, and both characters become aware of each other, although not quite yet, I think — I would say initially it's going to hinder it, because as we know, there is some kind of a possessiveness over Cami and a feeling of wanting to protect her, and whatever else you can say about his relationship with her. "

"So, having a possessive ex-girlfriend [Aurora] come into town is going to make things difficult. It's going to definitely put a strain on that relationship," the actor added.

The Originals season 3 episode 8 titled, The Other Girl In New Orleans airs this Thursday, 3 December at 9pm EST on The CW.