Homeland season 5 episode 9
Carrie tells Saul that Allison is the double agent in Homeland season 5 episode 9 Showtime

After playing games with Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson and the CIA, Allison Carr will finally get exposed and will have to pay for her treachery in the upcoming episode of Homeland season 5. Episode 9 is titled, The Litvinov Ruse, which will air this Sunday (29 November), at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime.

The synopsis reads: "The CIA and BND make a play." Click here to watch the episode online. You can also click here to watch it live on Showtime Anytime in the US.

In the previous episode titled All About Allison, fans got an insight into Carrie and Allison's first meeting back in Baghdad in 2005 in flackback. It also revealed how the latter began working with the Russians. Fans are aware that Allison is the double agent, but by the end of episode, Carrie finally figured out that Alison is the mole, who is working with the Russians after she found an image on Iraqi informant Ahmed Nazari's laptop.

Meanwhile, the new promo of the upcoming episode shows, Carrie trying to convince Saul that Allison is a double agent, but he is having a tough time believing it. He says, "I am still not clear why that makes you think Allison is working for the Russians?" Carrie replies, "Because Nazari is, because who else had access to your kill box operation with Quinn."

However, as Saul is not convinced, Carrie points out that Allison wanted her dead, and that she tried to kill her thrice. Carrie explains, "[She did] anything to stop me from getting a look at those hacked documents. Anything to keep from being exposed from what she truly is."

Saul is having a hard time believing that Allison, who he was sleeping with, is a traitor. It is then that Carrie questions, "You are still not convinced." To which Saul replies, "Frankly No. Because I don't want to be."

Then Carrie explains that the implications are serious, but Saul says they are "catastrophic" and adds, "It means that Russians have been inside our intelligence apparatus in Europe for almost a decade."

Carrie agrees to Saul's concerns and says, "Exactly. Which is why you can't just ignore this Saul. You need to know one way or the other."

Another promo shows Saul meeting with BDA [Foreign intelligence agency of Germany], and presents them with a proposal to expose Allison. Saul points out, "If Allison Carr is a Russian agent, then [she has] got as much to lose as we do." This is the episode where Allison will finally get arrested, thanks to Carrie and Saul's plan.

Further, Quinn has landed in trouble again as he is bound and drugged by the Syrians, who are planning to use chemical weapons in Germany. Quinn begs them to stop, but they instead tie him up in an abandoned chemical factory. Now, fans would be hoping that Carrie comes to Quinn's rescue. To know what will happen next, watch Homeland season 5 episode 9 on 29 November on Showtime.