2012 paralympic gold
September 8, 2012: Oscar Pistorius celebrates with his gold medal after winning the men's 400m T44 final at the London 2012 Paralympic Games Reuters

Oscar Pistorius must face a murder trial over the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February 2013, which he claims was accidental.

Few days ahead of the hearing, due to start on 3 March 2014, here are some curious facts about the former Olympic star and the upcoming controversial trial.

Mike Tyson as role model

In an interview with the Mail Online, when asked about who his sporting hero was, Pistorius answered: "Mike Tyson. I grew up in a boxing family and he was a phenomenal sportsman, even though you can't condone what he did in his personal life."

All bets are on

Bookmakers are betting for 2-5 for a not guilty verdict, while those for a guilty verdict are 7-4.

Irish bookie Paddy Power has come under fire for 'Premeditated murder charge verdict' bet.

The bookmaker's website states: "Singles Only. Applies to the verdict of Oscar Pistorius' first trial for the charge of premeditated murder. Bets void should charge be changed from 'premeditated murder' before verdict. Bets void should mistrial be declared."

Porn before murder

Pistorius accessed pornography on his mobile phone the night he shot dead Steenkamp, according to South African media.

According to documents leaked to the South African Times, the phone was retrieved from his Pretoria home, and suggests that he looked at the material while Steenkamp was present in the building.

The document stated that this evidence paints a picture in "direct contrast to that of a loving couple spending their time together".

Trial to be televised

South African judges have unanimously decided that broadcasting will be allowed during the trial.

According to judge Dunstan Mlambo three small, unmanned cameras will broadcast live part of the trial.

However, Pistorius's testimony and that of witnesses will not be televised and the cameras will not be allowed to record close-up images of anyone in the court.

Always positive regarding his double amputation

"It was never an issue," Pistorious said during an interview with the Independent.

"It was never made an issue. My mother would say to my brother, 'you put on your shoes, and Oscar, you put on your legs, then meet me at the car'. Nobody ever pitied me to the point that I questioned why.

"I won my first sporting trophy when I was six, for Greco-Roman wrestling. At nine I took up boxing. At school I played tennis, rugby and cricket. I played water polo to provincial standard. People's perception of me as a disabled kid changed when they saw the way I perceived myself. I have always focused on my abilities, not my disabilities," he continued.