Outlander season finale is just a few days away and fans are eagerly waiting to see how the popular fantasy drama will play out its season 1 ending.

Last week's penultimate episode was rather dark and disturbing, but according to an E! Online report, "the worst is yet to come." The website report indicates that there will be more "awful" scenes to expect in episode 16 titled, To Ransom A Man's Soul.

"It includes some incredibly graphic scenes (as Jamie tells Claire what has happened) and the worst is most certainly not behind you," the site revealed.

"But for you who have been asking, yes, the season does end on a positive note. It is not all doom and gloom and the final moments really set up what season two will be about."

Meanwhile, latest production updates about Outlander season 2 reveal that the period drama will swap the 18th Century Highlands for the bustle of France's primer urban centre. As Jamie and Claire make their way across the Channel, their world will take on a more lavish hue.

"It'll look totally different. It's a whole new wardrobe, it's a whole new colour palette, it's different fabrics. Now you're dealing with the court of Louis XV, you're dealing with French aristocracy," showrunner Ron Moore told Zap2it. "It's Paris, it's an urban environment, and it was the fashion leader of the time. Literally we've created an entire new wardrobe for the show."

However, filming for season 2, which is currently underway, will take place primarily in Scotland. "We'll be building interiors in Scotland. We're going to scout in the south of England, we're going to scout in Eastern Europe; we're looking for places that can be the streets of Paris," stated Moore.

Outlander season 1 finale airs on 30 May on Starz. Check out the episode's promo below: