Jenny and Claire in Outlander episode 14 Starz

Outlander episode 14 titled, The Search, airs this Saturday, 9 May, and will feature Claire going on a quest to find and rescue her husband Jamie.

According to the upcoming episode's official synopsis, "Claire and Jenny set out to rescue Jamie from his redcoat captors; unorthodox tactics are used to send word to Jamie." The duo will also get some help from Murtagh Fraser (Duncan Lacroix), who is apparently Jamie's godfather.

Actress Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire, seems pretty excited about episode 14 comparing it to a "female western".

Balfe told Access Hollywood, "This is -- it's a huge shift and the wonderful thing about it is that you see Claire and Jenny get to -- it's almost like they go on a female Western. They get to be the rescuers and I love that that's being flipped. ... It's really fun, fun stuff. Laura [Donnelly] and I were running around on our horses with our guns."

While Claire will be busy playing the daring rescuer, things are not looking so good for Jamie, with the season finale synopsis teasing that he will be going through torture.

"Jamie is freed following a daring rescue, but his mind lingers on the torture he endured," reads the official synopsis for the season 1 finale episode.

Meanwhile, VC Post reports that new cast members could possibly be announced during the San Diego Comic Con on July 9 - 12, 2015. Reportedly Starz is holding a grand event around Outlander and rumours also suggest that footage from season 2 might be shown there.

Outlander season 1 episode 14 The Search airs this Saturday at 9pm EST on Starz.

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