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Over eight million people in Britain only shower once a week, a survey has shown.

Just over half of respondents say they wash every day and some 8% said they never take a shower, although they're not going around unclean as most just prefer a relaxing bath.

There's even a smaller minority of obsessive cleaners , some 4%, who said that they take a shower twice a day.

The research was conducted by and reported by the Littlehampton Gazette and took into account the shower habits of 2,011 British adults.

It found that women are less likely to shower every day than men but do prefer baths.

It also found that women on average take an extra five minutes when they use the shower, with the men's average hitting seven minutes to the women's 13 minutes.

There's an age disparity with British showering habits too. Those between the ages of 45-54 were likeliest to have the quickest showers at around eight minutes while the whipper-snapper 18-24-year-olds confessed to taking more showers lasting over 20 minutes.'s head of marketing, Lee Glenister said: "It's surprising to see such a large number of Britons shower just once a week.

"It's also interesting that the older demographics take less time in the shower, which may suggest they view it as more of a necessary facet of their lives rather than a relaxing experience."

The survey also asked about British habits under the shower head. Some 20% said they take a speaker into the shower with them, while 37% said they prefer to make their own entertainment and sing in the shower.