Excited fans are busy trying to learn all they can about "Overwatch 2," with the release date of its PvP component approaches. We've compiled some of the most interesting details about the upcoming sequel to Blizzard Entertainment's popular first-person shooter.

'Overwatch 2' free PvP and seasonal updates

Here's some very good news for "Overwatch" fans. Blizzard confirmed that "Overwatch 2's" PvP component will be free to play and go into early access in October, with PvE following sometime next year, according to TechRadar. Free seasonal updates will also be introduced every nine-week PvP season, according to the developer.

Meanwhile, while every other "Overwatch 2" PVP season will feature a new hero. Additionally, each season will have a unique battle pass, but loot boxes are no longer available.

'Overwatch 2' new maps, heroes, and modes

Fans can expect an upgraded gaming experience as the sequel will introduce tons of new content. For instance, "Overwatch 2" will feature new maps, characters, modes, and cosmetics in addition to season-specific content. Rather than being merely glorified DLC, the sequel will usher in a new era of Overwatch gaming with tons of fresh content. In fact, "Overwatch 1" will be completely replaced by "Overwatch 2" as it will be merged with the latter upon release.

'Overwatch 2' Release date and platforms

Surprisingly, "Overwatch 2's" PVP element will get an early access release on October 4, 2022, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, the game's PvE will be released in 2023, but no specific date has been revealed.

This means that when October arrives, fans will only have access to the free-to-play PvP portion of the game. At the moment, Blizzard hasn't announced a release date for the whole game.

What is known at this point is that PvE will be released sometime in 2023. It's unclear whether PvE's release will herald the game's complete launch or if Blizzard intends to release it in segments (or as part of early access).

Overwatch Brigitte
Artwork depicting Brigitte in action. Blizzard