The last time Blizzard Entertainment shared some news related to "Overwatch" was early November at BlizzCon 2019. Fans have speculated ahead of the official announcement that a sequel was in the works as hinted by several sources. It turned out to be accurate as game director Jeff Kaplan took the stage to discuss the disappointment, he and his team felt about their secret going public, ahead of the event. Although it was thinly veiled as a joke, it was apparent that the effect on their morale was devastating. Now, he is celebrating the holiday with a presentation which hinted at the possibility of the Junker Queen as the next hero.

This was not the first time her appearance was rumoured among the Overwatch community. Shortly after the Junkertown map was released on the Public Test Realm (PTR) servers, players quickly noticed posters of the Junker Queen plastered around town.

Many took it to imply that she might be the next hero to join the growing roster. However, several others made the cut instead until speculation about her inclusion eventually died out.

Now its back again as Kaplan once again touched upon the hero during the 2019 Yule Log stream, as reported by Dexerto. This was broadcasted on Tuesday for the "Overwatch community to touch base on the state of the game.

During one segment wherein he was tinkering with a LEGO set the game director asked viewers about their thoughts related to the next hero. "I wonder if the Queen is ever going to be a hero," he noted. "What would she be? She's not going to be Support, right? That doesn't make a lot of sense."

What followed was his proposal that she would be better off classified as a DPS or maybe a Tank. Unfortunately, it will continue to be a mystery until the next hero reveal. "Overwatch 2" is already slated to launch in 2020 with a new gameplay mechanics, a robust single-player campaign, and the addition of new heroes.

So far, there are two new characters joining the fight against the Omnics: Sojourn and Echo. Perhaps the Junker Queen will shortly make an appearance early next year. Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that all new heroes will be available for the new installment as well as the original, which makes the sequel seem like an add-on upgrade.

'Overwatch 2' will sport all-new character designs
Blizzard Entertainment confirms that "Overwatch 2" heroes will have a new look on top of the new game modes, maps, and other add-ons. Photo: Blizzard