Viewers were left mortified after a paedophile showed his true colours on ITV documentary Ross Kemp Behind Bars: Inside Barlinnie on Thursday night (2 November).

Former EastEnders actor Kemp, 53, looked like he was about to blow his top when he encountered a paedophile who is serving time for harbouring inappropriate images of minors on his computer.

During their uncomfortable chat, the criminal told Kemp that he should be allowed out because he's "no harm to anyone".

But when Kemp asked him: "Do you not think these children in the pictures are forced to be photographed?" he replied with: "They seem to enjoy it."

The shocked presenter came back with: "You think you should be allowed out?"

And the man responded: "I'm no harm to them."

With Kemp's blood visibly boiling, he couldn't carry on with the interview and said: "I think that's it, thank you very much for talking to me."

He rushed over to the guards and demanded: "Release me, please", before telling the camera how "disturbed" he felt after the bizarre conversation.

Viewers were equally horrified, with one person tweeting: "#RossKempBehindBars - an eye opener, huge respect to Ross Kemp who looked like he was about to kill the paedophile on E Wing."

Another said: "Respect to @RossKemp on #RossKempBehindBars sex offender implying the kids on indecent images enjoyed the act. Sickest thing I've ever heard".

While a third tweeted: "Ross kemp looked like he wanted to murder that paedo on the spot".

Kemp was more concerned about the criminal being let on the loose in the near future, stating: "These people will be out of prison very soon, and it's not right."

Proving that the experience on the show was enlightening for him, he later tweeted: "I hope tonight's episode makes us all think again about what prison is actually there for #RossKempBehindBars".