Witness reports are emerging following a series of shootings and a suicide bombing in Paris. There are reports of two separate gun attacks and one explosion.

French media reports that at least 120 people have been killed in what appears to be a coordinated attack. Following a hostage situation in which hundreds of people were held captive at the music hall, according to local media. One woman who escaped the theatre reported seeing one of the hostages being shot dead in front of her.

One of the shootings occurred in a Cambodian restaurant located in the capital's tenth arrondissement. According to witnesses, shots rang out at Le Petit Cambodge, 18 rue Alibert, in the République neighborhood.

Eye witnesses reported a gunman opening fire on customers from the terrace of the restaurant using what has been described as semi-automatic gun. Dozens of shots were fired, according to witnesses who described the scene as a "nightmare", the Liberation newspaper reports.

Julia Molkhou, a radio host for French radio France Inter, tweeted that a witness at the scene had reported 10 people dead. BFMTV has reported several people wounded and "bodies on the ground."

A woman who lives on Rue Bichat, overlooking the scene of the restaurant shooting, told VICE News that police were ordering people to stay inside apartments and restaurants as the area is cordoned off.

In what appears to be a separate incident, two or three explosions were reported near the Stade de France stadium in St. Denis. The stadium was hosting a friendly football match between France and Germany, which was attended by the French President Francois Hollande. At least 3 people were reportedly killed. There were eye witness reports of a dismembered body near the stadium following the blasts, which has fueled rumors of a possible suicide bombing taking place.

The sound of the explosion could be heard in the stadium and was broadcast on live TV.

British Prime Minister David Cameron reacted to the news on Twitter writing: "I am shocked by events in Paris tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people. We will do whatever we can to help."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned the attacks saying: "My thoughts are with the people of Paris tonight. We stand in solidarity with the French. Such acts are heinous and immoral."

As the death toll continues to rise and the attackers remain at large, President Hollande has ordered an emergency meeting with the prime minister and interior minister to address the latest Paris attacks, which come ten months after the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

Police are warning Paris residents to remain in their homes as the situation unfolds.