France's Prime Minister has warned terror attacks are being prepared in France and other countries across Europe. Manuel Valls made the comments days after at least 129 people were killed in coordinated terror attacks across the capital Paris.

Valls also said he knew attacks were being prepared and the intelligence had foiled other planned assaults in the country since summer. "We are making use of the legal framework of the state of emergency to question people who are part of the radical jihadist movement... and all those who advocate hate of the Republic," he was quoted by Sky News as saying.

Seven attackers died following the assaults in Paris, most of whom killed themselves as they detonated explosive devices. France's President Francoise Hollande declared a "state of emergency", calling the attacks an "act of war".

The leader is expected to announce security measures during a meeting with the houses of parliament, the Senate and the National Assembly this afternoon (16 November). The country is to hold a minute of silence at 11am GMT on 16 November.

France carried out air strikes in the Syrian city of Raqqa against the Islamic States (Isis) terror group, which claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. The country also launched a manhunt for Brussels-born Salah Abdeslam, 26, who was identified as a suspect, and other people believed to have been involved in the attacks. Abdeslam was initially arrested by French police and then released.

France said it will conduct raids on "mosques where hate is preached". The European nation is witnessing a rise in anti-Muslim sentiments following the attacks.