Models strutted down a floating runway in Paris as a glass boat cruising along the River Seine hosted a fashion show. Spectators were treated to the unique experience of seeing models walk in beautiful dresses as the launch drifted past Paris's famous sites on 29 October.

Designers from six different continents featured in the show, which was organised by fashion show producer Jessica Minh Anh, who said that she constantly hunts for unique venues which combine fashion and a country's heritage.

"I am definitely a venue hunter because I always hunt for the most extraordinary venues, discover new things, a new concept that combines art, architecture, culture and fashion," she said. "I am definitely a catwalk producer because I produce fashion shows, I really focus on the cultural element combining different countries and heritages together. Then, I model as well so it is a combination of all those things."

Guests spied renowned Paris monuments, like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the city hall through the boat's glass ceiling during the 90-minute cruise. Minh Anh said: "Hopefully guests will find it a very memorable experience, they will see the beautiful combination of fashion and Paris, they see Paris in a new light and they really enjoy themselves," she said.

Minh Anh is known for organising catwalks in famous venues such as on the Grand Canyon's sky walkway, London's Tower Bridge and the world's first solar-powered runway show in Spain.