Parks and recreation season 7
Parks and Recreation Season 7 series finale will air on 10th February, 2015. ParksandRecreation/ Facebook

Parks and Recreation is in its final season and the series finale will air on 10th February, 2015.

Showrunner Mike Schur and the cast previewed what viewers can expect in the final episodes.

Schur told Tvline: "There are some real nostalgic story lines where, for various reasons, a lot of people in the town of Pawnee will come back at once. But the goal is to always have the story stand on its own. We want to do a half-hour of comedy that's relatable."

Schur also noted that, while some of the show's secondary characters will bid Pawnee adieu before the series finale, "the last moments of the show are everybody in the same place at the same time."

The showrunner also revealed that he began to feel in the middle of Season 6 like "there's one more year, and I feel like it's a short year. That's what we felt in our guts was the right move, creatively."

Chris Pratt who plays Andy said that he had never thought of leaving the series for a career in films.

"That was never a possibility," Pratt said of leaving the show for his flourishing movie career.

"I would never f—king ever leave this show. The things that really matter about what you're doing are the relationships you have while you're doing it. I hope I can have the good fortune of finding another group of people like this, but I don't expect that I ever will."

In an interview with IGN, Mike Schur also dished on Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd's appearance in the series.

"Amy (actor Amy Poehler) and I both reached out to him over the summer before we started shooting and were like, 'Hey if there's any chance....' And then one day later, Ant-Man had been put aside for a second and got going again.. Then he emailed me like, "Yes, I'm going to make this work, we'll find a day. I'll get a schedule from Marvel.""

Schur continued, "It was so nice of him (Paul Rudd). He is old friends with Amy and with Adam and at this point with Aubrey and everybody. He just really was very sweet about wanting to do it so we flew him in and he did it."

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