It's just two months since 2018 began, and travellers around the world have experienced some amazing journeys while some others have had nightmarish experiences.

Here's a list of recent incidents that took place on flights that made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A couple was kicked out of a flight after the woman complained of period pains

Period pain? Really? Recently, a 24-year-old British woman and her boyfriend were removed from an Emirates flight bound for Dubai after an attendant overheard her complaining about menstrual cramps.

Beth Evans and her boyfriend Josh Moran, 26, claim Evans was questioned by an air hostess and they were later kicked off before the plane took off from Birmingham Airport.

Evans described the pain as "one out of ten" but according to the emirates crew, Evans required medical assistance before flying.

The couple was forced to abandon their £400 trip and had to again pay an additional £250 to rebook their flights.

A female passenger was filmed drying underwear using the plane air vent

A female passenger on board a Ural Airlines flight to Moscow surprised her co-passengers when she held a white knicker for about 20 minutes under the overhead air vent to dry it up.

"Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent," Daily Mail quoted one of the passengers as saying.

While many speculated the knicker was that of a child, one social media user joked: "Maybe the take-off was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those."

Witnesses of an unusual action were customers of the airline "Ural Airlines" - during the flight one of the passengers pulled out wet pants and began to dry them under a fan above their heads. 😳😳😳

Posted by Faris Gameel on Sunday, February 18, 2018

Plane had to make an emergency landing after a passenger refused to stop farting

After a fight between passengers broke out in mid-air, a low-cost Dutch airlines flying from Dubai to Amsterdam had to be diverted and forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna. The reason? A passenger could not stop farting.

The Daily Mail, quoting Dutch news outlet De Telegraaf, said two Dutchmen objected and even complained to the flight crew about a co-passenger seated next to them who kept breaking wind loudly.

After a brawl broke out between the offending passenger and the two Dutchmen, the pilot made an emergency landing, reporting that "passengers were on the rampage".

A child screamed and cried on an entire 8-hour flight

On a flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey, a three-year-old boy reportedly kept running around screaming while his mother is said to have done little to nothing to stop him.

A video taken by Shane Townley, a New York City artist, showed the boy climbing on seats, running through aisles, and screaming on top of his lungs.

Townley even went on to describe the boy as a "demonic child".

Passenger who was made to sit next to a baby throws tantrum and gets kicked off plane

Many people do not want to sit next to babies and kids on flights for obvious reasons. However, on this particular flight it was a woman who was throwing tantrums.

Marissa Rundell, who was travelling with her eight-month-old son, Mason, from New York to Syracuse on a Delta Airlines flight on 6 February, said the passenger became irate as soon as she stepped on the plane, and was especially miffed at having to sit next to her baby.

"She was the last one to get on the plane and I was in the second to last row of the plane," Rundell was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

"She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said 'This is f*****g ridiculous. It's bulls**t having to sit in the back of the plane.'"

She was later made to leave the flight even after she apologised.

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