Peaches Geldof's 11-month-old son was alone with her body for up to 15 hours after she died of a heroin overdose.

An inquest ruled that the 25-year-old had the drug in her system when she died suddenly at her family home in Wrotham, Kent in April.

The television presenter's body was discovered by her husband, slumped on the bed in a spare room of the house, with one leg hanging down to the floor and the other tucked underneath her.

Her son Phaedra, was found in another room which was littered with an array of drugs paraphernalia at her home, including burnt spoons, 79 syringes and hundreds of pounds worth of 'importation quality' heroin. The star had hidden a "capped syringe" in a box of sweets found beside her body.

Her husband Tom Cohen - Phaedra's father - had been staying with his parents in south east London on the weekend of Ms Geldof's death.

The inquest heard that Mr Cohen's father, Keith, had seen Ms Geldof when he dropped the younger child home to her.

Mr Cohen said he had last spoken to his wife at 5.40pm on Sunday April 6. He had tried to call her shortly before 10pm, but got no answer.

Ms Geldof made a final call to a friend at 7.45pm on Sunday, April 6 - the last person she ever spoke to.

After failing to contact his wife the next morning, Mr Cohen and his mother returned to the property where they found Ms Geldof's body and Phaedra alone.

A coroner today concluded that her death had been drug-related, after she took an overdose of heroin.

The inquest in Gravesend was told that there was evidence of codeine, methadone and morphine - which had come from heroin - in her blood, and that the levels were within the fatal range.

It was revealed that Peaches, had been having weekly drugs tests, which she told Cohen were clear, as part of an ongoing drug addiction treatment.

In February, Cohen found texts suggesting Peaches was taking drugs again and when he confronted her, she fetched heroin from the loft and flushed it down the toilet in front of him.

The police investigation into who supplied the drugs is ongoing and no arrests have yet been made.

Peaches was the daughter of Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof and Paula Yates who also died of an overdose.