A sleeping passenger on board a train at Millbourne station in Pennsylvania was robbed, given an electric shock and pushed onto train tracks early on Sunday (25 October).

CCTV footage released by Septa Transit Police shows the male and female suspects grabbing the man's bag and running off the train. The man is shown chasing after them before becoming embroiled in a struggle for his bag on the platform.

The female suspect shocks him with what police called a Taser, before the suspects push him backwards onto the train tracks and run away. Captain Daryl Jones from Septa Transit Police said the man was able to climb back onto the platform.

"The male then at some point gains consciousness, walks out of the tracks and onto 69th Street Station to summon help," he said.

The victim was treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries before being released, Septa spokesman Andrew Busch told local news website Philly.com.