Peter Philips, the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, recently revealed an anecdote about his mother, Princess Anne.

Peter Philips revealed that his mother Princess Anne used to give a warning to him and his sister Zara Tindall before they were about to make balcony appearances with their queen grandmother and the rest of the British royal family at the Buckingham Palace. The 42-year-old said that Princess Anne used to tell them to be on their best behaviour and avoid picking their nose, reports Hello.

The royal recalled the childhood memory when he along with sister Zara Tindall made an appearance on an ITV special episode recorded to mark Anne's 70th birthday. Speaking on ITV's "Anne: The Princess Royal at 70," Zara said: "For me and like... family occasions were all about hanging out with our cousins and just having as much fun as possible."

Her elder brother then added: "You then get a clip round the ear and say right, behave yourself, you know, we're going out on the balcony. Don't pick your nose and you know, don't yawn."

The siblings also spoke about not having royal titles, despite being the eldest grandchildren of the queen. It was Anne and their father Captain Mark Phillips who decided not to give their children royal titles when they were born.

Peter says in the documentary: "We were always brought up on the understanding that we were gonna have to go to work. We were gonna have to go out and earn our, earn our living. Regardless of the fact of who our grandmother was or who are mother was."

"I think it made us fight harder as well, to try and be as successful as we could be. Erm, so I definitely, you know I'm very, we're very grateful to her not giving us a title anyway," Zara added.

The siblings live at Anne's estate Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire- Peter with his estranged wife Autumn and children- Savannah and Isla, and Zara with her husband Mike Tindall and daughters Mia and Lena.

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While Zara is an accomplished equestrian with a silver medal in Team Eventing at the London 2012 Olympics, Peter has worked for Jaguar as a corporate hospitality manager and then for the Williams racing team. He is currently working as a managing director at sports and entertainment agency, SEL UK.