Phantom for Snapchat
Phantom tweak (4.3.2) updated to avert Snapchat's potential jailbreak lockouts YouTube

CokePokes, the developer of Phantom jailbreak tweak, has reportedly updated the app to the latest version (v4.3.2) in order to avert Snapchat's potential jailbreak lockouts in the future.

Snapchat had earlier started to crackdown on jailbroken devices running any Snapchat-centric tweaks such as Phantom, as these tweaks allowed the user to enjoy special perks like spoofing locations, saving media and setting custom notification sounds.

However, users could still unlock the Snapchat account after disabling the offending jailbreak tweak as it directly alters the functionality of Snapchat app.

How to unlock Snapchat account

In case your device has been locked up by Snapchat, here is what you should do:

  • Uninstall any Snapchat-centric jailbreak tweaks on your device such as Phantom
  • Go to and login to unlock
  • Log back into the app once the device is unlocked

Snapchat has temporarily stopped locking out users until it updates and clarifies its terms of service to jailbreakers.

Nevertheless, avid jailbreakers could go ahead and download the latest version of Phantom tweak (v4.3.2) directly from the BigBoss repo, as CokePokes and other developers like Philip Tennen and qwertyuiop have collectively unearthed a permanent fix for the lockout issue.

Phantom 4.3.2 for Snapchat

Snapchat has explicitly stated in its terms and policies that plugins are not welcome with their app usage, owing to security issues.

Nevertheless, jailbreakers can continue using Phantom and other similar tweaks until Snapchat makes an official announcement on its policy regarding the jailbreak tweaks.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]