Apple recently released the highly-anticipated iOS 8.4 update with the integrated revolutionary music service, Apple Music, whose functionality can now be extended through a flurry of iOS 8.4 compatible jailbreak tweaks.

IBTimes UK explores the 10 new iOS 8.4 compatible jailbreak tweaks for Apple Music, with due credit to folks at iDownloadBlog, who have shortlisted some of the best tweaks for Apple Music on Cydia.

These tweaks work fine when installed individually. However, they have not been tested together to eliminate any potential conflicts or issues while using the tweaks.

Some of these tweaks are still undergoing development and not yet officially updated for iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4.

Nevertheless, all the tweaks are reportedly fully functional, although a few of them may harbour some untested bugs that will be patched up in the forthcoming updates.

Avid Apple Music fans can now enjoy the rich selection of paid and free versions of jailbreak apps and tweaks for the new music app in iOS 8.4. Check out the complete list below:

Muswitch (download)

Add your favourite music controls just above the iOS App Switcher using this free app on Cydia.

Spectral (download)

You can now change the looks of the iOS Lock screen by adding blurred album art as a wallpaper using the Spectral tweak, which is available for free download on Cydia.

MusicRotate (download)

As its name implies, this new tweak is specially designed to allow users to enable landscape orientation on the iPhone. Grab this tweak for free via Cydia.

Fuse (download)

Fuse is a free app on Cydia, which displays both the Lock screen clock and music controls at the same time.

ColorFlow (download)

ColorFlow allows you to dynamically change the Lock screen and its UI colour depending upon the album artwork of the song that is currently playing under the Now Playing section of Apple Music app.

Consequently, you can customise what colours are displayed on the Lock screen based on the album artwork for the song that is currently being played out.

This tweak would cost you $1.99 on Cydia.

MiniPlayer (download)

This tweak adds an iTunes-inspired mini player to the Lock screen and it can be purchased for $1.99 on Cydia.

Flex 2 (download)

Flex 2 brings the ability to quickly and easily patch the various aspects of iOS such as hiding the recently played section or hiding the dismiss button for the now playing interface.

Users are allowed to create their own patches and add them to the existing database or download patches from others. One can get this app for $3.99 via Cydia.

Helius 2 (download)

The Lock screen media controls get a revamped look and new user-interface (UI) styling with Helius 2 app. Grab this app for just $0.99 via Cydia.

Aspectus (download)

Aspectus allows you to add music controls to the Reachability view. The app costs you just $0.99 on Cydia.

EqualizerEverywhere (download)

Enjoy tailor-made equalizer presets and frequency bands for fine-tuning the sound for specific genre or music type with EqualizerEverywhere. You can download this tweak for just $3.00 via Cydia.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]