The Philippines has marked the anniversary of Super Typhoon Haiyan that devastated Tacloban City killing nearly 7,000 people.

Thousands of people holding white balloons and candles participated in a memorial walk around the regional capital. Scores of others from Leyte and Samar provinces took part in the commemoration.

Ceremonies have also been held at mass graves of the victims.

On 8 November last year, the most powerful typhoon ever to hit the ground made landfall in the Philippines. Apart from the thousands of deaths, hundreds of others remain unaccounted for.

The storm, locally known as Yolanda, forced millions of people to relocate to other areas where they continue to live in makeshift arrangements.

Hundreds of fishermen have taken to the streets on the anniversary to criticise the government's inadequate response to the disaster and to demand more measures.

"We have felt a year's worth of the government's vicious abandonment, corruption, deceit, and repression, and have seen a year's worth of news and studies that confirm this situation," Efleda Bautista, leader of the group People Surge formed by the survivors, told Reuters.

Many others have also protested in the capital Manila against the government's poor handling of rehabilitation operations.

"Curse me, criticise me but I believe I must do the right thing. I am impatient like everyone else but I have to stress that we can't rebuild haphazardly. We have to build back better... let's get it right the first time and the benefits should be permanent," President Benigno Aquino said in a speech on the eve of the anniversary.