Look up the word 'frenemies' in the dictionary and you just might see pictures of Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar. Having spent years entertaining the Twittersphere with their rivalry, they continue to raise questions about the legitimacy of their feud.

Despite reports that the pair had finally called a truce, Morgan appeared to take fresh lumps out of his arch-nemesis on today's ( 4 October) episode of Good Morning Britain, exposing his attempt to plug his show The Apprentice.

"I've just had an email from Lord Sugar saying give us a plug, The Apprentice is back, BBC One at 9 o'clock," he told viewers before advising them against tuning in.

"No why should we do that? We are ITV. So I would urge all of our viewers to watch Doc Martin at 9 o'clock."

He continued to sell what he considered to be TV alternative: "Apparently it's a brilliant episode tonight. Absolutely unmissable and I would urge everyone of the Good Morning Britain viewers to watch Doc Martin.

"Apart from anything else, it will really upset Lord Sugar," he added.

It's important to note that for somebody that didn't want to plug the show, he definitely did a good job of doing just that (insert side-eye).

Back in March, it appeared that the pair had let bygones be bygones when they teamed up to raise money for Comic Relief. When former tabloid editor Morgan, 51, announced plans to put away his phone and laptop, as well as stay off Twitter for a whole 24 hours if £5,000 was raised for the charity, Sugar immediately coughed up the cash.

"Comic Relief, send me the bill straight away, I'll pay it immediately. It's going to be a wonderful day without that nutter clogging up Twitter with his nonsense for the whole day," he said in a video announcing his donation.

But coming together for the greater good wasn't enough to keep them cordial. Sugar recently declared that he was the one to launch Morgan'sTV career− a bold claim that is likely to have rubbed the Life Stories host up the wrong way.

"It was me that launched his television career – seriously, absolutely serious," the businessman said at a recent press event. "He wanted to do something in TV and he actually phoned me up when he heard Celebrity Apprentice was on, and he said 'please can I do it?' and that's the first time he appeared on television."

the apprentice
The Apprentice returns on 4 October BBC