What Happened to Lehman Brothers' Bankers?
Now you can play at collapsing the entire economy from your mobile Reuters

At last anybody can have a go at destroying the global economy thanks to a new mobile app that "gamifies" the financial markets, allowing you to bet gazillions of pounds on a whim, just like actual bankers do in real life.

Flick A Trade combines skill and chance, said developers Reality Gaming, as players bet on whether securities will go up or down depending on the market.

It's also a way of honing your skills for actual trading on the large variety of markets available, including foreign exchange, commodities and indices, said the developers.

You flick up to buy, and down to sell, with a selected stake which is split into 20 separate trades for diversification.

There's single-player, head-to-head and multiplayer – so you can organise social competition to all sorts of specifications.

"Flick A Trade is the first game of its type creating a game of the financial markets, and its goal is to blow the barriers to the financial markets wide open so that anyone can experience the true experience of trading, in a limited risk environment," said the firm.

"You don't need a broking or trading account and there's no time-consuming or cumbersome account setup process.

"All it requires is that you be over 18 and willing to participate in the largest global market that underpins all commercial activity worldwide.

"By creating an immersive system based on the reality of trading, Flick A Trade has created an environment that rewards self-direct learning and aims to educate people to the nature of these serious markets, in a fun and accessible manner."

The game is bootstrapped to real markets through a cloud-based network with second-to-second updates from the live market (over 50 million updates a day). There's also randomly generated fantasy markets at the weekends when live markets are closed.