Each time a new game system comes out, one hurdle manufacturers worry about is how difficult it would be to develop games for the platform. With the Xbox Series X out of the bag, Microsoft might have an advantage over its rival. However, gamers are yet to hear feedback from game studios regarding its console. On the other hand, game developers working on the PlayStation 5 have reportedly found it easy to program for.

While this update might not be exactly what consumers have been waiting for, Former PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida claims it is exciting news for the company. In an interview with Dengeki Online, the Sony executive made a comparison between the previous-generation system and the current one. "The PS3 era was one of the toughest times in SIE's 25-year history," he confirmed. "The difficulty in developing games was noticeable," he added.

This apparently changed with the PS4 as game studios began to quickly adapt to the new system's nuances. According to Wccftech, Sony understands that accessibility is crucial in order to help third-party developers maximise the console's resources, which is probably why the PlayStation 5 was designed to make the transition more fluid and even better.

"If the difficulty of hardware becomes the hurdle to overcome, [developers can't] concentrate on making games," states Yoshida. "[The ease] of making software [for the PS5] is at a level never [seen before]," he added. Analysts are suggesting that the feedback from developers might already be a hint that the next-generation gaming system will be successful.

When the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 come out later this year, the number of games that launch alongside the consoles will affect sales. So far the only game confirmed for the PS5 is "Godfall," while Microsoft will have "Halo: Infinite" and "Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2."

It is rumoured that Sony might debut the PlayStation 5 as early as next week at CES 2020. The official website is promising new and exciting news in store for its fans. If it won't be revealed at the expo, it is likely that E3 or an exclusive event might be where it will have its unveiling. As long as there are enough developers with top-notch titles supporting the system, the PS5 could be another smash hit.

PS5 game development feedback from game studios
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