Sony has finally revealed a release window for its highly anticipated VR headset. The company posted on both its Instagram and Twitter accounts that the PlayStation VR 2 will arrive by early 2023.

However, the company did not give a specific date for the PlayStation VR 2 release. While the company already revealed design details earlier, Sony is yet to announce the new headset's price.

The PlayStation VR 2 will have up to 4K resolution with a 110-degree field of view and can run at 90 or 120Hz, according to The Verge. The new gadget will employ foveated rendering or render certain parts sharper than others to lessen the burden on the computer or the PlayStation 5 console. The headset will only use a single USB C cable to connect to the console.

Upon its launch, Sony revealed that there are 20 major titles available. These include games set in the Walking Dead and Horizon universes and the VR versions of "Resident Evil Village" and "No Man's Sky."

Unfortunately, the PS VR will only work with the PlayStation 5. Considering that gamers continue to have a hard time getting their hands on the PS5 since its launch in 2020, it might prove to be pointless to get the new headset at this point, at least until the supply issue is resolved.

Thankfully, there are signs that the PS5 shortage problem might not be as severe as before. These days, consoles no longer sell out immediately after Sony opens a queue for them. It is possible that the PS5 shortage will no longer be an issue by the time the PlayStation VR 2 releases sometime next year.

The new headset won't' use the original PS VR headset's setup of using a camera connected to the console for motion tracking. Instead, the cameras on the PlayStation VR 2 itself will take care of tracking your motion, similar to the Quest 2.

Sony PlayStation VR
Sony's PlayStation VR headsets are selling even better than the company expected, the Tokyo-based company revealed. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images