Known for her supreme body-confidence and sizzling swimsuit shots, plus-size model Ashley Graham recently took to Instagram to share an eye-popping bikini snap. And needless to say, her fans are pretty much obsessed with her 'heavenly' body in the candid click.

The 29-year-old supermodel, however, allowed her natural carefree style to be the highlight of the image as she held up two peace signs and posed with a tongue-out expression.


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Impressed with the swimsuit model's stunning photo, fans soon rushed to share gushing messages in the comments section. Unfortunately, amongst all the raving comments, someone launched a scathing attack on the model, fat-shaming her in the process.

"Ok. I think it's time for ya to take a silent step away from the feminist (sic)," the nasty comment began before continuing into a full-blown rant about Graham's curvaceous figure and even her age. "If you don't lose weight soon then your just going to be like every other overweight 30 year old descent looking woman who celebrated some success at a younger age but can't quit get the same attention as you used to get and doors that were once opened for you," it read.

"So please sweetheart!!!! Lose that belly now," the so-called critic added.

Thankfully for Graham, her true fans were just enough to take down the fat-shaming troll attacking the model over her physical appearance. "How is this promoting obesity?? Like... She looks healthy af," asked one Instagram user.

"If people say this is obesity they are wrong. She is a beautiful, fit and healthy individual just slaying in her curvy body," a second supporter chimed in, while another wrote, "Where do you see fat on her belly? Her legs are bigger bc she has hips."

"Dude, seriously, shut the f**k up. You're truly embarrassing yourself, ranting about something you have no expertise in or knowledge about. She's amazing and famous and needs no such advice from peons such as yourself," wrote a fan, slamming the hateful comments.

Indeed Graham has grabbed eyeballs in the recent past with her fierce work – the first plus-sized model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And her social media uploads only continue to add to the list.

"More power to you and us women," a fan wrote in conclusion.