Pokemon searches on PornHub are up 136% since Pokemon Go's 6 July release, reports the adult website. The game available at the moment only in select regions has become a sensation with adult web surfers also showing an interest in Pikachus, Jigglypuffs and Psyducks.

Releasing the spike in figures, PornHub said the game's popularity since its release in the US has generated Pokemon-related searches on the site from all over the world. PokePorn, a casual term used in social media to refer to animated porn specifically depicting Pokemon and other characters, has been available on the website for a while but its traffic has peaked only now.

PornHub also revealed that according to their data tracking, men were 62% more likely to search for Pokemon than women. Given that Pokemon Go is a tech oriented theme it is 336% more popular among 18-24-year-olds as compared to all other age groups.

The game has been released for both Android and iOS users. However, the survey says Android users are 51% more likely to search for Pokemon on PornHub compared to Apple's iOS users. The site also conducted a region-wise analysis to uncover that Latin American countries lead the search trend with Bolivia leading the pack and Peru and Chile following close behind.

Pokemon Go has created a massive buzz all over the place from social media to user forums and now even on adult sites. The augmented reality smartphone game encourages users to get out, explore their surroundings and try to capture the digital monsters in the real world using their smartphones.