Pokemon Go seems to be making waves around the globe but it is definitely not welcome in some places. Apparently, the monster hunters have been making their way into hospital rooms as well as walking onto railway tracks in the Netherlands.

The situation has apparently been so bad that ProRail, the Dutch railways controller had even gone as far as contacting Nintendo to ask them to change the game. Some of the Pokemon Go players had unwittingly wandered onto railway tracks looking for the virtual critters.

At the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam., the hospital is pleading with players of the reality game not to hunt for the fictitious monsters in its building after several mobile-clutching players ventured into restricted areas.

"There is indeed a sick Pokemon at AMC, but we'll look after him well. Please don't visit him," the hospital tweeted with a picture of the Pokemon character Pikachu surrounded by tissues.

Loes Magnin, the hospital's spokeswoman told AFP: "Since yesterday (Monday 11 July) we've noticed young people walking around the building with mobile phones into places they're not supposed to be.

Some "mobile-wielding monster hunters" even went as far as the hospital's basement which houses a television studio for children's programmes in the hospital and where clothes are sterilised.

Magnin added: "Patients need quiet and rest."

Pokemon Go Gameplay
Playing Pokémon Go along the River Thames. IBTimes UK / The Pokémon Company

There have also been complaints received by police in recent days about suspicious mobile phone users taking pictures of houses, according to a Dutch public newscaster. Initially, it was assumed that they were burglars staking out a target but it was later found to be Pokemon Go players, AFP reports.

Pokemon Go was first released last week in the US, Australia and New Zealand. It has been so popular that it has impacted the servers hosting the software, delaying plans to launch Pokemon Go in more countries, AFP notes.