Earlier this month, "Pokemon" fans tuned in to watch Nintendo's first Pokemon Direct stream for 2020. As expected, there were several announcements regarding new content and software related to the successful franchise. However, not everything resonated positively with consumers after the presentation. To be specific, the expansion pass for "Pokemon Sword" and "Pokemon Shield" reportedly made gamers feel cheated by what Game Freak has outlined for its latest installment. Meanwhile, "Pokemon Home" was finally slated to come out the following month. Now, the publisher revealed even more details about it.

Prior to the latest information shared by Nintendo, the general idea people had about "Pokemon Home" was limited. It was hinted to be a platform that will allow players to access their captured creatures across various games. Kotaku reports that a press release posted on the official website finally sheds some light as to what the service brings to the table for its users.

The exact date of its launch has not been finalised, but it is scheduled to go live sometime in February 2020. The "Pokemon Home" app will be available for iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. So far, the titles supported are "Pokemon Sword," "Pokemon Shield," "Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee," and "Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu." As for the 3DS platform, it will be compatible with the "Pokemon Bank" service. Nintendo confirmed that it will work for "Pokemon Go" later on as well.

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There are two versions of the cloud-based storage service: Basic and Premium. The former is for free, while the latter will require a subscription fee. Those who choose to go for the basic service will only have access to the Nintendo Switch titles with a maximum of 30 pokemon that can be deposited. Wonder Box trading can accommodate up to three pokemon while the Global Trading System (GTS) will only accept one.

In contrast, Premium users of the "Pokemon Home" app can store up to 6,000 and can move pokemon from the "Pokemon Bank" service. Additionally, Wonder Box limit is up 10 and the GTS can take up to three simultaneously. Both versions have access to trade rooms, but only the paid service allows the user to host one. The subscription fee is listed at $3 a month or $16 for a year, which is a good deal for those willing to spend.

"Pokemon Home" scheduled to launch in February
Nintendo confirms that "Pokemon Home" is scheduled to launch in February 2020 and will have different features for free or paid users. Photo: Nintendo