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The celebration of the Pokémon franchise's 20th Anniversary continues throughout 2016, as series developer Game Freak is making a bunch of its event-exclusive legendary critters available for the 6th Gen games Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This month it is the turn of the Steel/Psychic-type Wish Pokémon Jirachi.

Following timed events for 'mythical' Pokémon Mew and Celebi in February and March respectively, Jirachi is now free to catch in Europe and the US for the first time since 2010; an agonisingly long wait that has left many players with an adorable, star-shaped hole in their Pokédex.

With the Jirachi event for Nintendo 3DS set to end on 24 April 2016, this quick guide will take you through how to grab the elusive 385th Pokémon:

The Jirachi being given away is at level 100 and has learned the moves Wish, Confusion and Rest. For those who take competitive Pokémon battling seriously and will only accept the best pocket monsters into their teams, you can manipulate the RNG if you wish by saving prior to accepting the gift.

This way you can reset the game and try again if the received Jirachi does not have the desired nature or IVs. Depending on your intended build the Calm, Bold and Timid natures will get the best out of the tiny, hard-hitting tank.

The event-exclusive party continues next month with the incredibly rare, dream-eating Darkrai. IBTimes UK will be keeping an eye out for when the sinister Dark-type becomes available, but for now take good care of your wishful friend.

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