If the box art hadn't made it clear enough already, finding and catching the 'Legendary' creatures roaming the wilderness in each generation of Pokémon games plays a huge part in the pocket monster franchise.

Budding trainers have sought out the latest one-time Legendaries available in each game ever since the ridiculously overpowered Mewtwo graced Pokémon Red and Blue, with many going on to become firm favourites among the now 800-strong roster.

As is now customary, the newly-released Pokémon Sun and Moon introduce a fresh set of behemoths vying to be worthy of your solitary Master Ball, while also mixing up the formula with two new variants – Ultra Beasts and Guardian Deities.

To ease the pain of the long hunt, IBTimes UK has put together a guide to help you find each of the beasties residing in Alola, as well as a few tips for catching any Legendary Pokémon for those who haven't been hardened by years of chasing Rayquazas and Lugias.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: How to catch Legendary Pokémon

First off, have a party Pokemon that can inflict Paralysis or Sleep. Any status effect will help your cause, but these are the easiest to navigate as they don't cause gradual damage to the opposition (freezing via certain Ice-type moves also works but the chances of triggering it are usually very low). Grab the TM for Thunder Wave (location tips here) and teach it to a compatible 'mon.

It's also worth having a Pokémon with you that knows False Swipe – a relatively weak move, but one that will leave your target at a measly 1 HP without making it faint. Otherwise, stack your bag with Ultra Balls, a few Quick Balls for a risky throw at the start of each battle and, if you are playing at night, a handful of Dusk Balls, as well as some Hyper Potions, Full Restores and Revives and get hunting.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Legendary Pokémon locations

Solgaleo and Lunala

The cover stars of Sun and Moon, both Solgaleo and Lunala pop up as you quest through the main story. Whether you buy Sun or Moon will determine which Alolan monster appears in your game, with Solgaleo representing the former and Lunala the latter. Ultra Balls should suffice here, no need to waste your Master Ball.

Quick tip: When you get the chance to catch it make sure you save beforehand, just in case.


"Nebby" plays a vital role in Sun and Moon's story regardless of which version you choose, but Lillie's companion isn't the only Cosmog to grace Alola.

Once you become Champion, return to the Altar of Sunne or Moone with Lunala or Solgaleo in your party during the day (in Pokémon Moon) or at night (in Pokémon Sun). Head through the portal that appears here and you'll find yourself in an alternate universe. Fly over to the Lake of the Sunne/Lake of the Moone and you should see Cosmog floating around near the altar here.


Cosmog evoles into Cosmoem after reaching Level 43, which at Level 53 then turns into another Lunala (in Moon) or Solgaleo (in Sun).


While obtaining any other previous generation Legendary Pokémon have to wait until January's Pokémon Bank update, the definitely-not-Cell-from-Dragon-Ball morphing snake Zygarde can be, well, grown in Sun and Moon.

As you traverse Alola you'll come across green flashing spots that contain Zygarde Cells and Cores which can be inserted into a machine located at an Aether lab on Route 16. Serebii has a full breakdown of how this system works (and a handy list of where to find all 100 Zygarde collectibles).


Necrozma tows the line between Ultra Beast and a normal Legendary Pokémon, but the fact that it can be caught with standard Poké Ball variants means it goes here.

This angular black beast appears once you've caught all of the Ultra Beasts and reported back to Looker on Route 8 and Wicke at the Aether Foundation's HQ.

Go to the Farthest Hollow area in Ten Carat Hill and once you've performed these steps and you'll find Necrozma. Be careful though, this deadly monster starts at Level 75 and will annihilate your team without due preparation. A potential Master Ball candidate.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Guardian Deity locations

Tapu Koko

Melemele's guardian appears in a cutscene after becoming Alola's Champion. If you happen to defeat it by accident don't worry, beating the Elite Four again will cause it to reappear at the same spot in the Ruins of Conflict.

Tapu Lele

Akala Island's guardian resides in the Ruins of Life. After becoming Champion, touch the pedestal here to trigger the encounter.

Tapu Bulu

Ula'ula Island's guardian resides in the Ruins of Abundance (beyond Haina Desert). After becoming Champion, touch the pedestal here to trigger the encounter.

Tapu Fini

Poni Island's guardian resides in the Ruins of Hope. After becoming Champion, touch the pedestal here to trigger the encounter.

Pokemon Sun Moon Ultra Beasts
Pokémon Sun and Moon are packed with Legendary creatures and the all-new Ultra Beasts The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Ultra Beast locations

UB-01 Symbiont Nihilego

As with every Ultra Beast, this creepy amoeba is only available to catch after you've become Champion. Once you receive an "Enigmatic Card" from a weird chap near your house, head to the motel on Route 8 and talk to Looker and Anabel.

Beat Anabel in a battle (not too hard) and then go to see Wicke in the lab area of the Aether Foundation HQ to receive Beast Balls. Head back to Route 8, talk to Looker again and Nihilego will spawn in either Wela Volcano or Diglett's Tunnel – you'll know you are in the right area as the music will change.

Taking on an Ultra Beast is similar to a normal Legendary Pokémon, with the huge exception that it is impossible to catch one with anything other than a Beast Ball. If you run out of Beast Balls head back to Looker on Route 8 for a refill.

UB-02 Absorption Buzzwole

"Bug Lesnar" as we like to call him is exclusive to Pokémon Sun. Head back to Route 8 after you've caught Nihilego, meet up on Route 2 and then head to Melemele Meadow. There are two Buzzwole to catch here.

UB-02 Beauty Phermosa

Phermosa is exclusive to Pokémon Moon. Head back to Route 8 after you've caught Nihilego, meet up on Route 2 and then head to Verdant Cavern. There are four Phermosa to catch here.

UB-03 Lighting Xurkitree

After catching Buzzwole or Phermosa, head back to Route 8 and you'll eventually trigger a battle with the Fairy-type Trial Captain, Mina. Once defeated she'll inform you that Xurkitree have been spotted in Memorial Hill and Lush Jungle. There are two to catch.

UB-04 Blade Kartana

Kartana is exclusive to Pokémon Sun. Head back to Route 8 after you've caught two Xurkitree, meet up on Route 17 and talk to Nanu. There are four to catch in the Route 17 and Malie Garden areas.

UB-04 Blaster Celesteela

Celesteela is exclusive to Pokémon Moon. Head back to Route 8 after you've caught two Xurkitree, meet up on Route 17 and talk to Nanu. There are two to catch in the Haina Desert and Malie Garden areas.

UB-05 Gluttony Guzzlord

This ugly monstrosity can be found after catching every Karatana or Celesteela. Talk to Looker again and after a lenghty chat, head over to Seafolk Village where you are thrown into a battle with Nanu.

Upon victory, travel to Resolution Cave and go down to the basement area to find Guzzlord.

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