Pokemon Z

Ever since legendary Pokemon Zygarde was revealed, there has been a lot of speculation that the franchise's developers might release a new game, Pokemon Z.

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The idea of Pokemon Z has excited fans of the franchise, causing many of them to create large of lists of changes and upgrades that they would like to see in future Pokemon games.

This list has been generated after aggregating 'wish-lists' of hundreds of fans on social networks and forums. Please grab a pen and paper developers, here is what your fans want in Pokemon Z.

Better Trainer Customization

Almost every list from players around the internet have requests related to trainer customisation, making them one of the most sought after changes that players would like to see.

Players want to go deeper and tweak even minor elements of their characters. This includes facial features, skin tone, and hair color. Several trainers have requested for the ability to be able to unlock special outfits and accessories after beating notable trainers in the game.

Added Difficulty

Players have always said that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been rather easy to play and complete. Even though the games do offer a variety of challenges, many players are of the opinion that the game is a little too easy. Greater difficulty is a very, very popular request.

It goes without saying that the developers have a young target audience in mind while designing Pokemon games, but it doesn't mean that older players should left out. A variety of difficulty modes could solve this issue.

More Post-Game Exploration

Even though the games are extremely wholesome and meaty, players long for more post-game action and exploration areas. Players are hoping that Pokemon Z will offer a few new towns, massive areas with mysterious foes, side quests and large doses of adventure even after the game has been completed.

In other words, there is very little that players can do with the game after having completed the main quest.

More Mega Evolutions

Easily one of the most popular requests on the Internet, players want more mega evolutions, specifically for the other starters.

More Involvement from Gym Leaders

Very few gym leaders in the game are 'involved' with the story. By connecting more Gym Leaders to the game's story, offering them more detailed backgrounds and personalities, the game will create a more wholesome experience for players.

Please Remove Those HMs

Another extremely common request sighted in a majority of lists, fans want the developers to make HMs removeable in the game. An alternative could be to maybe allow players to buy items from stores that would allow them to replace HM functionaity. For instance, an axe that can cut. Fans have complained ever since generation one that the HM system is 'broken'.

Image Source: Reddit