Police have begun searching for human remains - thought to be buried 30 years ago - in the garden of a house in north London's Finsbury Park, after receiving a tip-off.

In July 2013 officers were informed about allegations that remains were buried in a back garden in Searle Place.

Police said this did not relate to the current occupiers of the address and is not connected to other investigations.

Detectives have also spoken to people abroad to "corroborate the allegations" before starting the excavation on Monday.

It is not known at this stage how long the excavation will take but this will be reviewed on a daily basis, the police said.

"The police turned up this morning. There are loads of them," a neighbour told MailOnline.

'"They're digging up the patio for a body. It's like something from Brookside or Eastenders. It's really creepy."

Islington Borough Police Commander Gerry Campbell said: "Detectives in Islington have carried out a thorough investigation in order to corroborate the allegations made.

"After examining all the information the investigation has produced and with careful consideration, I have made the decision that it is appropriate to excavate the garden. Until the conclusion of the search it would be inappropriate of me to comment further."