Two women have reportedly been hospitalised after taking ecstasy at a nightclub in Manchester on Saturday 7 May, prompting police to issue a health warning over a batch of the synthetic psychoactive drug known as "Lego". Two women fell unconscious at the nightclub in the Princess Street area of the city centre at around 1.30am on Saturday, 7 May.

The women had reportedly admitted to taking the drug over the course of the evening, which police said "was in the shape of a Lego brick", the BBC reports. The women regained consciousness and were later admitted in tohospital, according to Greater Manchester Police. One of the victims has been discharged while the other is being held for observation.

Speaking of the incident, Det Insp Brian Morley said: "These women are very lucky. I'm happy to be saying they should make a full recovery, but the reality is, I could easily have been giving my condolences to their families instead."

The news follows on from an earlier report last week, 3 May, where 17-year-old girl, Faye Allen, died after taking a so-called 'Mastercard' branded tablet at the Victoria Warehouse nightclub space, based in the Trafford area of Manchester, according to another report by the BBC.

100 new psychoactive substances were detected in Europe in 2014. IBTimes UK