Labour and Liberal Democrat Party officials in the Greater Manchester Area have been slapped with fresh allegations of engaging in sexual impropriety, child abuse, and a co-ordinated cover-up by party officials.

Breitbart London alleges that information has surfaced that shows instances of public sector and government officials conspiring to contain information from leaking to the public.

An email, which was allegedly seen by Breitbart London, has made reference to the former Rochdale council leader, Knowl View School, and the deceased, Member of Parliament for Rochdale, Cyril Smith.

Cyril Smith was the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Rochdale from 1972-to-1992. He has been embroiled in child sex abuse scandals and is rumored to be a predatory paedophile.

Martin Digan, the former head of care at Knowl View Residential School told sources in 2012 that he feared the school was fast turning into a "sweet shop for paedophiles," specifically referring to Smith.

"I worked there for a long time and the stories about Cyril resonated throughout the building. To see him bouncing seven-year-old boys up and down on his knee was frightening. The sexual abuse of boys with learning difficulties did become public but no one ever proved anything against Smith. He was a very clever man who covered his tracks very well," said Digan, as reported by Express News in 2012.

The email, leaked in November 2012, read:

"You will have noted that Rochdale is currently in the eye of a media storm regarding child abuse and cover ups.

"The story that has yet to break is the role of the council leader, [blacked out] in all of this. He was given files on the abuse at Knowl View school and Cyril Smith over 10 years ago but he did nothing because the Labour Party had done a deal with the Liberals to keep quiet on Cyril. This was in exchange for the Liberals keeping quiet on allegations that [blacked out] had sex with two girls with special needs that were in his care.

"If you want a view on [blacked out]'s cover up and what he knew then get in touch with the man who blew the whistle on Knowl View. His name is Martin Digan and he can be contacted on [blacked out]. He will tell you how he gave files to [blacked out] over 10 years ago and that [blacked out] did nothing."

The recent cover-up 'deal' was communicated to a staffer of the Labour MP by a departed Liberal Democrat councillor who admits that the original email was indeed sent by the MP.

It still remains unclear why the police were not approached earlier.

Greater Manchester Police spokeperson has confirmed that investigations are still underway, and an assigned team of police officers are working on uncovering the entire truth.

Without verifying the content of the email, the police have confirmed receiving it and passing it onto the investigations team.

The news emerges after an estimated 1400 young girls were reportedly abused by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham.