Danish Police have recovered the world's most expensive bottle of vodka after it was stolen from a Copenhagen bar.

The high-value bottle, believed to be worth 8m kroner (€1.1m), was taken from Café 33's display collection in the Vestboro area of the city on Tuesday morning (January 2).

The container was found by a private citizen at a building site in the west of the city and handed in to police, who have thanked the man for his honesty. Unfortunately the item's contents had been emptied by the unidentified thieves.

"The expensive vodka bottle that was stolen in Vesterbro in the early hours of Tuesday has been found," local police said on Twitter. "The bottle is now in police care, appears to be intact and will be examined."

The Russo Baltique bottle is believed to be the most expensive of its type in the world. It is made from three kilos of gold and three kilos of silver, which contribute to its impressive valuation. It is also reportedly adorned with leather from a 1912 Monte Carlo rally car.

The owner of the item, Brian Ingberg, said he is greatly relieved it is in police possession and is looking forward to having back.

"I'm so happy right now. It's great. But I'm more happy when I have it in hand," he said. "It is the bottle that was valuable. We can refill it with vodka in Russia."

HJÆLP ...har for første gang brug for hjælp ...Nogen har i nat været inde “med nøgle” og stjæle min vodka russo Baltique...

Posted by Vodkasamling / Vodkacollection on Tuesday, 2 January 2018