Met Police

Nottinghamshire police have released gruesome footage of the moment a man entered an off-licence store and attacked an employee with a screwdriver in a botched robbery attempt.

58-year-old Roy Davis pleaded guilty to the attack and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Police said Davis entered The Booze Stop in Radford around 8.30pm on 17 December 2016 and demanded money from a lone member of staff.

"The member of staff refused to open the till and, as part of a brutal assault, Davis stabbed him in the face with a screwdriver," police said in a statement.

During the struggle, Davis' face was shown when his hood was removed and he lost a sandal. Police said that DNA from the sandal later matched Davis'.

He attempted to leave when another employee arrived but eventually fled in a black 4x4 and dropped the screwdriver at the scene. One employee was seriously injured above his left eye.

Investigating officer, DC Steve Fenyn said: "In this case an individual, representing a business, was personally attacked. No one, no matter their line of work, deserves to be assaulted while earning a living.

"My advice would always be never to engage in an altercation such as this. I commend the bravery of the shop staff in this case. They did intervene and in doing so have assisted in taking a violent man off the street.

"I think this case sends a firm message. This case involved witness reports, CCTV and DNA evidence coming together. Shop security, policing tactics and community spirit is stronger than ever and if you are intent on committing these types of offences, prepare to get caught."

Footage below contains scenes that some may find distressing