Munich terror threat
German police evacuated two train stations in Munich late on Thursday, saying on Twitter they had received a tip regarding a planned militant attack on New Year's Eve in the Bavarian capital. Reuters

Police in Munich have issued a warning of a planned terror attack amid New Year's Eve celebrations, asking the public to avoid crowded areas. The police used social media to say they had received "serious information" about the attack.

Two train stations, the city's main station and Pasing station, were evacuated, with police saying that trains were no longer stopping there. "Current indications show that a terror attack is being planned in Munich. Please avoid gatherings of people and the Munich and Pasing train stations," police said on Twitter.

According to the Munich newspaper TZ, police believe several groups of militants could hit different locations around the Bavarian city.

Police evacuated and cordoned off the main Munich train station. A spokesperson was quoted by the newspaper comparing the situation to the situation in November in Hannover when a football match between Germany and the Netherlands was called off over a "concrete security threat".

German media also reported police announcing they had two pieces of information. "We have concrete information that we cannot sweep under the carpet," a police spokesperson was quoted in Bild. The information reportedly came from French authorities.

Police spokesman Werner Kraus told Associated Press, "After evaluating the situation, we started evacuating the train stations and also asked party-goers to stay away from big crowds outside."

The terror warning came just before the city celebrated the New Year. According to CBS News, thousands of revelers took to the streets at midnight and watched the fireworks display while in the German capital, the celebrations went off without a hitch.

police tweeted shortly after the stroke of midnight: "We expressly point out again that we take the threat very seriously. Please stay vigilant!"