Happy New Year and welcome to IBTimes UK's live coverage of the world ringing in 2016. Stick around for all the news, pictures and video of celebrations which kicked off in the South Pacific.


That's it! Happy New Year to all our readers from IBTimes UK.

For our readers ringing in the New Year in New York City, you can read up everything you need to know about the Times Square Ball drop here.

London NYE2016
Fireworks explode around the London Eye wheel, the Big Ben clock tower and the Houses of Parliament to mark the beginning of the New Year in London, Britain, January 1, 2016. Reuters


Happy New Year to all of our readers in the UK!


After a traumatic year which saw terror attacks and violence, Paris and the rest of France saw in the New Year in a sombre but optimistic mood.

Paris New Year
The Arc de Triomphe was lit up at midnight Getty
Paris New Year
There was a sombre mood along the Champs Elysees for the New Year Getty


With its second city Munich facing warnings of a terror threat, Germany's capital city Berlin sees in the New Year with fireworks lighting up the sky by Brandenburg Gate.


Police in Munich, Germany have warned that there is a "serious, imminent threat" of a terror threat. Germany news agency dpa reported that one train station had been evacuated and trains will not be stopping there tonight.

The city's main train station and a second train station in the city's Pasing neighborhood were the sites of a ''serious, imminent threat'' of a terror attack, Associated Press report.


Fireworks in the Russian capital Moscow went off, although they were several minutes late.

The display took place after the annual New Year's address by the president Vladimir Putin and cameras showed the display over the Kremlin palace.

Russia was accused of a bizarre attempt to cover up terrorism threats after claiming that a decision to close off Moscow's Red Square on New Year's Eve was because a film crew would be working there.

The National Post reported how the city's security chiefs shocked declared that the traditional spot for seeing in the New Year would be off-limits because of filming commitments.


New Year's Eve celebration fireworks went ahead in Dubai at midnight despite flames consuming the side of neighbouring The Address Hotel.

Social media commented on the surreal sight of a fireworks display taking place next to a burning building.


It's officially 2016 in Dubai, which decided to continue with the fireworks display despite the fire at Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai.


Officials are reporting 16 injuries, including 14 "light injuries," 1 midlevel injury and 1 heart attack at Dubai's Address Hotel following a massive fire.


Meanwhile, India and Sri Lanka have officially welcomed 2016!


The Dubai Media Office has announced that the Dubai fire department managed to control 90% of the fire at the Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai.


Our colleague Tom Porter has put together a full report and updates on the ongoing situation in Dubai. Dubai Police Chief Colonel Saif al Mazroui said there were no casualties reported as of yet and that Dubai's Address Hotel has been evacuated.


There are no reported injuries at the fire in Address Hotel in Dubai. Fireworks are expected to continue.


We're seeing reports that the fireworks in Dubai may be back on. But we're working on confirming those reports.


For an idea of scale, this skyline view of Dubai reveals just how bad the fire is.


Reports emerging that the fireworks in Dubai have been cancelled - little surprise really given what has happened in the city's Marina district.

The Dubai fireworks are a major event every year, attracting hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.


Terrible news from Dubai where a huge fire appears to have engulfed the Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

Not a lot of information out there yet but in pictures one side of the 63-storey building appears to be ablaze.

More to follow.

hangover free beer
Bottoms up. Quinn Dombrowski

Our colleague Sean Martin has been a real champ and compiled a list of tips for beating that hangover tomorrow morning.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also put out his New Year's Eve message.


Remember this guy? Of course you do.


That's it: It is 2016 in Myanmar.

As for the Cocos Islands, I am reliably informed that they are a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean, midway between Sri Lanka and Australia.

The islands have a combined population of just under 600, so don't expect huge fireworks displays.