Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham attends the photocall of MTV's new show Single AF at MTV London on June 25, 2017 in London Getty

Farrah Abraham has irked her fans yet again on social media for promoting a brain health supplement pill with her eight-year-old daughter Sophia.

The Teen Mom star posted a snap of herself in a pink shirt, holding a product called Focus Factor and smiling with Sophia, who too is seen holding the same bottle of pills on Instagram. The little one looked cute as she wore a pair of oversized retro pink glasses and kept her pet dog in her lap.

The mum-of-one captioned the post: "#ad wow, three months using @focus.factor extra strength and we are both blown away. I don't lose my keys, my phone, I've been making better decisions and I'm so much more decisive!"

She added: "This little one takes the kid's version which helps support healthy brain function. Such a good multivitamin! Check them out guys, it makes a huge difference for memory, focus and concentration."

Many fans are unhappy about the MTV reality star using her daughter for promotions.

A fan commented: "Only time she takes a pic with her daughter is when She's advertising something smh." Another shamed Abraham for using her kid as "marketing tool" and wrote: "Wow! Using your kid as a marketing tool instead of letting her be a kid. Shameful."

"I only see Sophia promoting these stupid vitamins with u. Go do something fun with her instead of either partying or promoting " noted another user. A follower advised her to focus on her daughter more.

"By any chance will it help you decide it is better to focus on your daughter more than finding a man/boyfriend???? I am just curious! Cause from your post and the shirt I saw you in you seem to be more focused on getting laid," a comment read.

A fan even questioned the pill and asked "So what kind of pill will help show respect?" Another noted: "No pill in this world will help you make good decision." A user commented: "Poor kid."