Teen Mom 2 season 7
Kailyn Lowry is due to deliver her 3rd child in early August MTV

Kailyn Lowry's big secret was revealed by her close friend on the 24 July episode of MTV's reality series, Teen Mom 2 season 8. Fans already know that the reality star is pregnant with her 3rd child and is due soon in real time.

In the episode, which was filmed before her pregnancy news became public, Lowry broke up with her secret boyfriend and seemed stressed out as she dropped Isaac off at her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin's house.

The mother of two FaceTimed her friend Sterling and complained about feeling under the weather. "I have so much s**t that I have to do tonight for tomorrow. I'm so f**king overwhelmed and frustrated right now. Like, I'm so f**king tired."

"Dude, you're so pregnant," she told the MTV star. Lowry didn't appear too fazed by the comment, but she told her friend with clenched teeth, "I'm filming" and their conversation concluded.

Just hours before the reveal, Kailyn explained that she had broken up with her secret boyfriend. Lowry told her friend, Kristen, "I'm glad I didn't get him involved in everything. He didn't get heavily involved with my kids. I never took him home to meet my family."

"I didn't have any expectations for it. Which is why I think I'm okay right now. I definitely don't need to be in a relationship right now, that's for sure," she added of her secret boyfriend, which we know is Chris Lopez, aka her baby daddy.

Lowry is already mother to 7-year-old son Isaac Elliot, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and 3-year-old-son Lincoln Marshall, whom she shares with ex-husband Marroquin.

The MTV star took to her blog in February to announce her pregnancy. After much speculation about who is the dad of her third child, she revealed in May, via Twitter, that Chris Lopez is the father.