Prisma, the viral art-inspired iOS app that turns your regular smartphone snaps into stunning works of art in seconds, is officially out of beta and available for all Android users on Google Play. Since its launch in June for iOS users, the hit photo app from Russia quickly shot to the top of the App store charts and has captured the imagination of millions across the globe. It is currently one of the top 20 free apps on iOS.

Although there is no shortage of smartphone apps and filters that promise to transform photos into beautiful artwork, Prisma sets itself apart from the slew of photo manipulation apps with its "combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence."

Featuring 34 filters, each sporting its own unique, artistic style, Prisma allows users to convert their photos into impressionist-like oil paintings or modern art works, complete with bold brush strokes and remarkably detailed pencil lines. Rather than slapping on yet another boring filter, this AI-powered app generates the image from scratch by combining it with the signature style of another photo such as a famous painter's painting to create the complex, artistic photo.

In just a few weeks, the immensely popular app has seen over 400 million photos from around the world transformed, been downloaded over 10.6 million times by iOS users alone and sports over 1.55 million daily active users.

"We do the image fresh," Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov told The Guardian. "It's not similar to the Instagram filter where you just layer over...We draw something like a real artist would."

The Android version of the app also includes the same features as its iOS counterpart.

Prisma is currently available to download on iOS and Android.