Navagio Beach
London skydiver Jake Simkins fell to his death at Navagio Beach (vacationideas)

Greece is among the most popular holiday destinations among travellers from the UK. Every summer, thousands of Brits flock to party towns and beaches across Greece. However, this summer they are going to be disappointed as a Greek beach - voted "Best in the World" – is going to be shut for tourists.

Navagio Beach, well-known for being the home of the Zakynthos Shipwreck, has long been a strong favourite among travellers coming to Greece, thanks to its golden sands, stunning bay and world-famous shipwrecks that turn out to be a gorgeous backdrop for a selfie.

Why is the Navagio beach shut?

The iconic Shipwreck beach, situated on the coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece, is going to be shut throughout this summer because of the threat of landslides in the area. The beach will be inaccessible for tourists until the end of October, reported Mirror. It was a joint decision by the Ministers of Citizen Protection, Maritime and Island Policy, Tourism and Climate Crisis, under the coordination of the Presidency of the Government.

A natural calamity happened in Zakynthos in 2018, seven people, among them two children, were injured due to the collapse of a 200-meter-high rock face in this beach. Meanwhile, the most severe case to date was a 34-year-old Czech woman who suffered a spinal fracture from another landslide related incident.

Whereas in September 2022, a massive landslide took place due to a 5.4 magnitude earthquake between Kefalonia and Zakynthos, which saw the beach being closed.

New rules at Navagio

The new rules at Navagio Beach have banned access to the bay, from both sea and land. Even though a few boat tours will continue to run, people won't be allowed to get off their boats and hit the beach and instead just enjoy the beach views from far away.

Due to the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, British citizens have three bank holidays next month. Therefore, the news about Navagio Beach has come as a big put-off for the ones who would have added Navagio Beach to their list for their upcoming holiday destinations.

A few years ago, Navagio Beach was voted "Best in the World" by travel site Flight Network. The said website runs a competition yearly for the 10 best beaches in the world, with the Greek beach coming at the top in 2018.

The Shipwreck beach is located in an isolated bay, encircled on three sides by white cliffs, and offers beautiful views of turquoise water. Making the place more worthy for the eyes, the beach is home to a historic shipwreck. According to Flight Network, Navagio Beach scored eight out of 10 for its remoteness, sand and water quality.

Nevertheless, tourists from the UK will still head to the Greek island of Zakynthos for the party area of Zante. Laganas, a beach resort and village in Zante, is expected to yet again have a busy summer, thanks to its strip with bars and plenty of clubs in the street handing out free shots generously to the young party-crazy crowd.

Another vacation idea which is only a few hours away for British vacationers is Hum, a town in Croatia which is also believed to be the smallest town in the world. With a population of just around 30 people, Hum is home to only two streets with around three rows of houses, but it is still categorised as a town despite it being similar in size to a village. The Croatian town also has a lot of history and is only 100 meters long and 30 meters wide.

It has also been reported that due to the coronation weekend, there are plenty of excellent travel deals available from the UK, including to countries such as France, Ireland, Greece, Germany, and Italy.