Post Malone sat down for a podcast interview with Joe Rogan and admitted he has witnessed multiple UFO sightings.

In a four-hour lengthy interview on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, the "Sunflower" hitmaker and podcast host had a discussion about UFOs and aliens. Turning the conversation to aliens, the podcast host said that he is not "100 percent convinced but 90 percent convinced" about the existence of aliens. However, he is skeptical because of the lies that people build up around this subject. However, Post Malone told Rogan that he saw his first UFO when he was still 16.

"I've seen one. I was probably 16. I was in upstate New York," Malone said in 1516 episode of Rogan's podcast. "Let me precursor this: My aunt and uncle were very strict, and we had to go to bed at very strict deadline—probably 10 p.m. I was looking out the window with my cousin and it's just a light that just stays there and then just fuckin' goes off ... You can't explain it."

Malone then went on to describe his most recent experience. When Rogan asked how "strong" his memory of the sighting is, he goes on to say "medium."

"I used to live in Tarzana... It looked kind of like — it sounds corny — but like a classic forcefield ... it's kind of like a dome in a circular shape," the singer explains. "And I'm like, 'How did no one else see this?' But I was there with like four other f**kin' people, and they saw it too."

In addition, he revealed that he has witnessed these alien objects in Utah. The pair also pondered over how frequently these aliens are visit the earth. Rogan suggests that "there is enough talk about it now then "we are probably ever going to find out." He then points out at reports that are yet to be confirmed by the government.

Following this, Malone and Rogan discussed other subjects like the current health crisis. Malone admitted it's hard to force people to wear something but wearing a face mask to stay safe is like showing respect for other people.

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"At the end of the day, it all comes down to respect for other people. It's not a government thing. You shouldn't be forced to wear a mask — but you should. And that's because I respect you as a fellow human," Malone said in the interview.