The hit Starz series Power season 3 ended with James St Patrick and Angela's relationship strained forever, as the federal prosecutor arrested Ghost for the murder of Agent Greg Knox.

Lela Loren, who plays Angela, has now teased Ghost and her character's first interaction after the arrest and spoke about how the shocking turn of events will change her. Hinting at Angela and Ghost's first interaction, the actress told Hollywood Life, "It's not good. [Laughs] I mean Angela legitimately thinks he murdered her ex-boyfriend."

The actor also teased if there's some hope for Angela and Jamie to work things out. "Even I don't know that! I hope for it. I hope they can find some humanity between the two of the them," Loren said.

According to the Mentalist actress, her character will become "harder" going ahead. "I think whenever heartbreak or something like that you'd hoped and dream for really fails, you tend to slingshot back in the direction of the person you used to be. Angela will kind of clamp back down again. She's definitely harder this year."

Loren also dished how Power season 4 opens and told the outlet, "I would say that season 4 starts out going in a particular direction and will sort of lull you into thinking that power has become a certain thing, and then it will whip around and bite you in the face like a rabid dog. It's like that dog that you thought you loved just"

Comparing season 4 to the other seasons, the 36-year-old noted, "Thematically, it's still sort of the same, but there's some other storylines that get developed or pursued that are different and new. You get to see the consequences for those characters involved. And then obviously at the end of season 3, Ghost is in prison."

Starz is yet to reveal the premiere date and trailer for Power season 4.