Power season 3
Season 3 finale sets stage for the fourth season of Power Starz

Power season 3 started with the tagline "Be careful what you wish for" where James "Ghost" St Patrick had vowed to leave his drug business and start a decent life with Angela. However, his wishes were not fulfilled and the shocking outcome of the finale will decide in which direction his life will proceed in season 4.

Ghost, was arrested by the love of his life Angela in front of the entire club and showcreator Courtney Kemp Agboh has teased that the scene will be the lowest point in James's life. "I think it's important in any story of a man's redemption that you really show him at his bottom, so this is definitely Ghost's bottom," she told Deadline.

Omari Hardwick's character has always trusted Angela and getting arrested by her in his own club will have a deep impact on his life. "He thought Angela loved him so much that he could get away with anything, and while he didn't actually kill Greg, he didn't protect himself from looking like he would. And, he certainly said some s**t that he shouldn't have said to her, including, when they were in the diner, 'I had to protect you from Greg'," she told the website.

Kemp hinted that the couple might break up in the upcoming season. "I mean, it's a hard thing to break up with someone who knows all your secrets. Angela knows a lot about Ghost and even though he did it for a good reason, he broke her heart and he can't manage that broken heart. There's not much you can do about that," she teased.

But Angela is not the only problem he has to deal with. His son Tariq is kidnapped by Kanan and his men, who later send his picture to Tasha with a message: "If you want him back, you're gonna have to pay." It remains to be seen how Ghost will get his son back from Kanan.

Previewing the upcoming season Kemp explained: "Angela actually try to become a decent prosecutor again. She's wrong right now, but she's in the place of righteousness. And then Tasha is really going to have to re-evaluate what it means to take care of her family. We've seen her over the last year take care of that family on the criminal side, really be in the drug world."

Starz is yet to declare the premiere date for Power season 4.